How Super Plumbers Look Like

How Super Plumbers Look Like

How Super Plumbers Look Like: Woman Hires a Drain Cleaning Plumber and What Happened Next Will Shock You

Resident Andrea Adams had a water line burst by her driveway, so she called a drain cleaning plumber and the Acton Municipal Utility District sent over Jimmie Cox to get the problem fixed. When drain cleaning plumber Cox came, spewing water welcomed him. It was a tough job to fix given such a massive leak and the water spewing in all directions, but he was positive he can get the problem solved.

Andrea Adams started to get overly worried about all the flood growing in her front yard. So, the 23-year old drain cleaning plumber did not hesitate to dive into the muddy hole headfirst. The muddy hole was around five and a half foot deep. Cox said he couldn’t just stand and let poor Ms. Adams continue running around out of fret.

Adams was frantically surprised seeing Cox submerged in the hole. She snapped this picture of Cox with his upper body submerged in the muddy, dirty water. The picture instantly became viral all over the social media and the web. In just 2 hours, the Facebook post with his unbelievable shot posted by Adams already reached worldwide. It spread so quickly and Adams even had to shut down her account because of all the buzz.

Even the “Dirty Jobs” man Mike Rowe from Discover Channel noticed the photo, and he was so impressed by Cox’s sheer dedication. He shared the post as well and even offered to buy him a beer. Mike Rowe also took the time to ring Cox and commend him personally. Cox also was noticed by Wrangler as it was the brand of jeans he was wearing when the photo was taken. Wrangler gave him a full year’s supply of Wrangler jeans. The environmentalist Erin Brockovich also expressed her deep appreciation about Cox’s persistence.

Cox then received heaps of messages on Facebook, and he expressed that any other drain cleaning plumber would have done the same thing. It’s really fascinating how much dedication guys like Cox has towards their jobs despite how much can a plumber make with their line of work. We can really say that they deserve all the praise and appreciation. They also deserve all the perks like plumbers and pipefitters health insurance, software for plumbers, and probably higher pay. If you’re wondering how much do plumbers make an hour, the sum is really not that large, but every decent worker and drain cleaning plumber like Cox does it for the sake of pure service and nothing else.

10What a general plumber and a drain cleaning plumber does

A drain cleaning plumber is a utility worker that installs and repairs waste disposal systems, water supply lines, and other related fixtures to help both residential and commercial sectors. It’s a physically demanding job that needs 100% dedication.

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