She Sees Value In This Old Fence And Watch What She Makes!...

She Sees Value In This Old Fence And Watch What She Makes! (FREE!)


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14Using old fencing posts for bed headboard | log home ideas

Our home decor go-to has always been rustic inclined, but I didn’t think for one minute when I needed a new headboard for the bedroom I would be turning to old fencing. However, here we are and I was inspired to try this by reading a log home ideas magazine (they get you to try things ah tell ya!). I took out the 11 flat panel fencing from the barn and measured what I would need to make the width of the bed. 11 panels exact, lady luck was smiling on me.
The fencing post needed sanding down and a new paint job (I chose a chocolate-ty color to match my sheets and throw pillows), after the paint was dried, I simply mounted it to the wall with some wood screws (don’t forget to measure the height of the bed against the headboard). Done and done!

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