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Watch How They Make This Fabulous Decor Piece Out Of Free Pallet Wood!

How many doormats can you say you bought and threw out in your lifetime? I think altogether I bought about 5 and threw them all out. Once i noticed it was time to replace my latest one. I finally decided I will be making them from now on! This is some edgy home decorating that’s about to happen, so get ready we are spending the day together.Anybody who sees this will undoubtedly want a couple for themselves. We’re not learning how to make a wooden pallet (I was asked this when I first brought the project to my boys), this is a wooden pallet zip tie mat.

So, let’s get started, shall we? Find an old pallet and get some zip ties (it could bedifferent colors). You’ll also need measuring tape, a power drill, a power saw, masking tape and scissors.

So the first thing we do is dismantle the pallet. You can use a crowbar or whatever you have to get the job done. Next, remove all of the nails.

Once you have the pieces of wood separated we will then measure the width of the pallet planks and cut it straight down the middle evenly. Then, you’re going to cut that in half so you will now have 4 pieces (from one plank) andwe want about 10 pieces. We will still cut down the middle of the other planks, but cut it at 30 inches long (we will need 3 for support braces). No shortcuts for home decor art right? Now, Iwill put the 10 pieces on a flat surface lined up neatly (tape it together so there’s no shifting). You can put pencils between them to give you a 1/4 inch spacing.

Still with me? Good! Now measure a 1/2 inch on both sides of the pallet. This will tell us where our support boards will be placed. The other board will be dead center. For the holes that the zip ties will be placed in, it’s going to be a lot more measuring except we will only do it with one board and tape the other same sized boards to that and we drill (the process for that will be easier to follow in the video). Take some time and really pay attention to those guides before you drill any holes in the boards.

Now that our support braces have all been carefully measured and holes drilled, we will now place it on top of our 10 taped boards and drill replica holes in the spaces that the support boards will be attached to using the zip ties. Use your clamp to keep everything steady while you drill those holes. Don’t forget that the countersink bit will clean up the holes and allow the zip ties head to sit nice and flat on the pallets. Now it’s time to sand, paint, and stain at will. Do this BEFORE you add the zip ties! So now that we got all of that out of the way, place your zip ties into the holes following the guide in the tutorial (cut the excess zip ties off) and there you have it, a lovely and cheap DIY home decoration. I hope this helps. Thank You! [/read]

15This is what I’m Using for our zip tie mat

You can get an old wooden pallet from just about anywhere. This is what we will use for our rustic home decor mat project.

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